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Euchristia, Poenitentia, Immaculata, Ecclesia - These words form the essence of our charism that is ecclesiastical and missionary in serving the Church and the world with prayer and action - evangelization.

"Drawn by our merciful and Triune God,
we are called as baptized
to follow the poor and risen Christ
in a radical and apostolic way of life
according to the Gospel, the Rule of Saint Augustine
and the charism of Saint Norbert
the Founder of our Praemonstratensian Order

Our way of life is marked by:
a lifelong seeking after God through fraternal Community
a never-ending conversion by giving ourselves to the church
of our profession in communion with the self-emptying of Christ
in imitation of Mary pondering God's Word
and in ceaseless prayer and service at the altar

From the choir and Altar we go to serve the human family in
a spirit of simplicity hospitality and reconciliation and peace
for the benefit of the Church and the world,
especially where Christ is found among the poor, the suffering
and among those, who do not know him.
We pray that what God's Spirit has begun in us
may be perfect in the day of Christ Jesus"
(General Chapter 2006 Freising)

Premontrei Női Kanonokrend Zsámbék


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Premontrei Női Kanonokrend  Zsámbék


Premontrei Női Kanonokrend  Zsámbék

St Norbert year, the 875th anniversary of the death of Saint Norbert of Xanten, the founder of the Order of Premontre
june 6, 2009 - june 6, 2010

Premontrei Női Kanonokrend  Zsámbék
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Premontrei Női Kanonokrend  Zsámbék
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