Premontrei Női Kanonokrend Intézményei Zsámbék

    Trade School in Zsámbék

There was no Trade School within a radius of 20 kilometers of Zsámbék, which meant that our young teen-agers had either to pay heavy travelling costs or be accomodated closer to the school they were attending. In the majority cases, these costs were far beyond the family means and the education had to be abandoned. In the beginning of our project we undertook this financial responsibility, but it became apparent that this was not an economical viable situation and we decided to establish a Trade School in Zsámbék (1996).

"The School is for the development and professional training of young people who are State educated to 8th. grade, and living in Zsámbék and surrrounding villages in deprived social and cultural conditions.
  a.) The School utilises modern teaching methods in a Christian ambience.
  b.) The aims are to consolidate the education already received, to provide the practical knowledge necessary for a good standard of independent living, and to develop the ability to live in society as good citizens healthy in mind and body."

(Citation of Foundation Document)

The ability of the students ranges from slow learners to highly talanted and although they are tought communally with regard to social integration, great care is taken to ensure that each category receives the level of academic and pfofessional training best suited to its needs. In particular, the gipsy population is helped to reach a higher standard, in order that they may benefit from the Vocational training given after the 10th Grade.

The School opened in 1996 with 26 students. In the schoolyear 1997/98 we have 70 students and for the schoolyear 1998/99 60 new students have already enrolled. By the year 2003, the School will reach its full potential of 400-450 students. We hope not to exceed that number as it would threaten the sense of community which is our aim to foster.

The address of the school:

2072 Zsámbék, Piac köz 8.    Tel.: 23-342-337   FAX: 23-565-337



Zsámbéki Premontrei Szakközépiskola és Szakiskola


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Premontrei Női Kanonokrend  Zsámbék


Premontrei Női Kanonokrend  Zsámbék

St Norbert year, the 875th anniversary of the death of Saint Norbert of Xanten, the founder of the Order of Premontre
june 6, 2009 - june 6, 2010

Premontrei Női Kanonokrend  Zsámbék
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Premontrei Női Kanonokrend  Zsámbék
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